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The founders of Odin are all retail investors and experts within web design, tech, and digital communication.

Working with global brands such as Quinyx, IKEA, and PayPal, staying even slightly ahead of competitors was crucial, as offering a better experience could be the deciding factor in attracting or losing a potential customer.

As investors, we saw a glaring gap: IR websites were consistently outdated, hard to navigate, unintuitive, requiring excessive clicks to discern a company's value. This observation was echoed by others investors, analysts, and financial media; IR sites failed to match the quality of other online experiences.

With these insights in mind, we decided to build the world's greatest investor relations sites—automated and hands-off for listed companies, and a phenomenal experience for potential and current investors.

Enabling you to provide an unmatched IR web experience, while freeing up your time for other critical tasks.

Meet the founders

Filip Adolfsson
Design Lead & IR Communication Strategist
With a background in digital design and communication, coupled with extensive experience as a retail investor, Filip excels at distilling a company’ true value into clear, compelling messaging and design.

Prior to Odin IR, Filip consulted on brand and web design, communication strategy, and paid marketing for various listed companies, developing everything from new direct-to-consumer brands to financial reports.

Filip specializes in converting complex client information into experiences that are accessible and captivating for investors and analysts.
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Erik Kähr
Product & Tech Lead
Erik, a former concert pianist and professional swimmer with a Gold in the New Zealand, Swedish and Nordic championships, has pivoted to a passion for technology and product strategy.

Before Odin IR, he established data-driven ways of working at IKEA and most recently served as the Head of Web for one of Scandinavia's fastest-growing B2C fintech services.

Leveraging his discipline and dedication, Erik ensures our product is perfectly aligned with our mission to simplify investor relations for listed companies, investors, and analysts.
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Kasper Koritz
Commercial Analyst
Kasper combines a strong background in marketing, sales, and growth strategies with a passion for retail investing.

Having contributed to the success of leading European brands, including H&M and Hi3G Access, he most recently served as the Head of Business Operations at Most Studios. There, he played a pivotal role in doubling the agency's growth and expanding its clientele from local startups to global giants such as PayPal, H&M, and Henkel.

Kasper is dedicated to identifying and engaging clients who will benefit most from our service, and ensuring unmatched client satisfaction.
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