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by providing analysts and investors with an unmatched IR web experience.
Captivate investors

Ensure investors grasp your company's value in an instant

  • Provide a clear and immediate understanding of your investment case through captivating storytelling and design
  • Minimize investor queries and lower the barriers to making an investment
  • Make competitors appear outdated and complex by comparison
AUTOMATe updates

Save significant time

  • Our clients save an average of 20 hours monthly
  • Thanks to fewer investor queries and automated updates for data and content
  • Freeing up significant time for other critical tasks
Always evolve

Constantly improve, without effort

  • Based on visitor data, we regularly improve the site structure
  • Ensuring that you are always telling your story and investment case in the most compelling way possible
  • Without additional investment or action on your part

All on a flat monthly subscription

Subscription Pricing

Instead of hefty project fees of $30,000-100,000 and a site that feels old in a year; A clear monthly subscription, instant updates and constant improvements, no startup fees or mandatory commitment.

Effortless Management

All content and data updates are managed seamlessly, freeing up your time. Additionally, we offer access to an intuitive CMS for those who prefer hands-on content control.

Human Support

Always available via chat and phone, with a dedicated contact for tailored assistance.

Our simple process


Pick an IR site plan

Every company is unique, we will help you pick the right option.


Answer a few questions

To get us started, after that we will do the heavy lifting.


Receive your IR site

Delivered in 4-8 weeks. We publish the site, our collaboration continues and the site will continue to evolve with your company.

The team

Meet our founders

Erik Kähr
Product & Tech Lead
Erik, a former concert pianist and professional swimmer with a Gold in the New Zealand, Swedish and Nordic championships, has pivoted to a passion for technology and product strategy.

Before Odin IR, he established data-driven ways of working at IKEA and most recently served as the Head of Web for one of Scandinavia's fastest-growing B2C fintech services.

Leveraging his discipline and dedication, Erik ensures our product is perfectly aligned with our mission to simplify investor relations for listed companies, investors, and analysts.
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Filip Adolfsson
Design Lead & IR Communication Strategist
With a background in digital design and communication, coupled with extensive experience as a retail investor, Filip excels at distilling a company’ true value into clear, compelling messaging and design.

Prior to Odin IR, Filip consulted on brand and web design, communication strategy, and paid marketing for various listed companies, developing everything from new direct-to-consumer brands to financial reports.

Filip specializes in converting complex client information into experiences that are accessible and captivating for investors and analysts.
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Kasper Koritz
Commercial Lead
Kasper combines a strong background in sales, marketing, and growth strategies with a passion for retail investing.

Having contributed to the success of leading European brands, including H&M and Hi3G Access, he most recently served as the Head of Business Operations at Most Studios. There, he played a pivotal role in tripling the agency's growth and expanding its clientele from local startups to global giants such as PayPal, H&M, and Henkel.

Kasper is dedicated to identifying and engaging clients who will benefit most from our service, and ensuring unmatched client satisfaction.
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Have another question? Dont hesitate to reach out.

What if I am with another IR site provider? Is it easy to switch over?

Yes, we have specifically built the site so any company can seamlessly transition over to the Odin IR site. All your documents, integrations, data sources is setup through Odin IR's technology.

How involved will we be in the process of getting a site?

You will provide us with any relevant info required to create the site in the beginning of our collaboration by answering a few questions. After that, we will be able to the heavy lifting to complete your site.

We will always be available with additional meetings and feedback throughout the process to ensure a quality delivery.

Are press releases, quarterly reports and other regulatory information automatically updated?

Yes, our automations ensures the regulatory information you communicate to the market will always be automatically posted on your IR site.

How does an Odin IR site make my life easier?

Odin IR gives you an IR site that is always up to date, helps your investors understand you, while at the same allowing you the flexibility to update your site as your company evolves. In short, it saves you and you’re investors time.

Do you customise the IR site to our companies branding?

Yes, we have experience with design and branding, and will make sure your site looks great and fits your existing brand.

How are you able to produce these sites so quick? Is the quality sacrificed?

By niching down and only serving publicly listed companies, we have been able to develop a process that makes us more efficient and more valuable to our customers. Our speed allows us to offer you massive value at affordable pricing.

How is the website constantly evolving?

The website will evolve with the new information you communicate to investors. We also run continuos testing to optimize our website template, which enables us to improve your IR site’s UX even more over time.

We have vast experience in user testing and research, web analytics, CRO, AB testing, and best practices working with some of the largest companies in the world such as IKEA, HBO max and more.

Am I able to make edits to the site? How easy is it?

A certain amount of hours per month of support is provided in our site plans, so if you have a change you want to make, you can just message us.

We also have an easy to use cms that you will get access to if you want to do it yourself.

What happens if there is an emergency and we need to update the site quickly?

We will always be available in your dedicated communication channel and via phone. You will also be able to change the content yourself through our easy to use cms.

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